I’ve considered myself a writer since I was six years old and able to create sentences with a full understanding of the alphabet. I caught onto things like punctuation, spelling, and grammar really early on. It intrigued me to learn how quotations worked while I was in the classroom because I wanted to be able to add dialogue into the stories I was writing at home.

What started out as playing with my Barbie dolls turned into something I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. I loved the stories I was thinking of for my Barbie dolls…

I spent 10 days vacationing in Barbados which was nice because I got to meet a lot of my Bajan family members for the first time! Barbados is a small, tropical island where everybody knows everybody. Like literally, everyone knows each other on the island!

Some cool places I went on the island were Browne’s Beach, Miami Beach, The National Museum of Barbados, Oustin’s Fish Market, and The Cove Nightclub.

The only place that was super lame was the museum because they have a rule that did not allow me to take pictures. Hello, it was 2019 when I was…

When I was 23 years old, I packed all my things and moved from California to Canada. I decided to make the move because I have dual citizenship to Canada and America so it seemed like the most viable option since I drastically needed a change in scenery. I was 2,762 miles from home. I didn’t have to pay rent in Canada which is the top reason why I chose to come there. My family owns property in two Canadian provinces and both properties are super spacious and lovely.

I met a few really amazing girls in Canada that were…

The summer I was 21 years old, I went to Europe. I visited London, Berlin, Budapest, Vajta, Slovenia, Austria, and Italy. I went there with Calvary Chapel Bible College to try and get closer to God. In a nutshell, it wasn’t a great experience for me.

I would love to go back to Europe and visit Paris with a boyfriend or a group of girlfriends one day because Paris is one place the program didn’t take us to. Going to Paris is pretty much my ideal dream for the future. The program I went with just wasn’t built for someone…

Stephanie Harper

Stephanie Harper is a 25-year-old author who loves writing YA novels. Her novels are available for free at StephanieHarperBooks.com

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